Thursday, October 26, 2006

Day 3: I Want Juicy Pear

A surprise package arrived at the house. It came from some online friends at a Disney message board and was full to the gills of Jelly Bellies. For my husband, there was a box of sugar-free Jelly Bellies. For me, my very own glass canister full of the real deal. For our girls, a huge bag of Flops which are Jelly Belly irregulars.

A Jelly Belly feast. A fiesta. An orgy of Jelly Bellies! Can you tell I happen to love Jelly Bellies?

Too much. I can limit myself to a couple of potato chips (yes, really). I cannot limit myself to a couple of Jelly Bellies. Yes, I am a Jelly Bean harlot - I love them all, excluding those gross Bertie Botts Beans. What is it about a Jelly Belly?

The thing is, they give me a headache. The sugar rush makes me tired. They are no good, those Jelly Bellies. And so, because I cannot control myself around them, I have gone cold turkey. No more Jelly Bellies for me, at least for awhile.

The tank top in the photo is from Vogue Weekend Knits. The yarn is an angora/silk blend. I knit it last summer not on a weekend but during a couple of weekdays, sitting around in Wyoming while the hubster was out on the rez doing field work.

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cleo said...

You Jelly Belly addict, you.