Friday, October 20, 2006


Really, what's not to love about Lucie? The neck is right. The shoulders are right. The shaping is right. The ease is right. The length is right. It's all, well, right.
The yarn is the star here. A. de Sauveterre's merino-and-silk Arianne takes a pattern that is 100% and makes it irresistible. The colors glow and the hand is softer than soft. You do get what you pay for.

The colorway in the photo is Plankton. Everyone must agonize over which colorway to choose. it's all so pretty and unique. I even asked a non-knitting discussion board which they liked best. Answer: Briar Rose. But I decided I need a sweater to go with a turquoise necklace. Plankton it is.

The photo shows the back of my Lucie. My photographer daughter liked the purl side so that's what she shot. You can see that I'm letting the colors pool. I tell myself it looks more like plankton that way.
An adult sweater from fingering weight. And I'm hoping to have it done for an occasion less than a month away. The back is done. The front is 1/3 done. I'd better get knitting.

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cleo said...

It does look remarkably like plankton.