Thursday, October 19, 2006

I Like A Little Glitter

Cherry Tree Hill's Glitter Alpaca makes me happy. The yarn has exactly the right hint of glint - just a shimmer peeking out from the other fibers.

My eldest daughter is modeling the stole in the photo. It's in the colorway Mountain Madness (variegated forest greens, blacks, deep blues, plus the glitter). Mountain Madness looks like the mountains at a great distance but it also resembles the ocean. And what's more ocean than the crest-of-the-wave stitch?

My three skeins became this stole which became my favorite knitting so far. The Glitter Alpaca and the stitch are completely in harmony, the fiber quality is A+, the stitch easily memorized.

I gave this stole to a friend in Wyoming, no regrets. But I'm thinking I'd like to make one exactly like it for myself. Or maybe I'll try one of the other colorways ...

But first I have to finish the Lucie sweater.

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cleo said...

I love the title, "In or Auf". And, my goodness, what a fabulous model.