Tuesday, October 17, 2006

In or Auf?

To test out the Knitware Basics Design software I bought, I designed a sweater for Suzy the beagle. Her expression says she's not knit-worthy.

The particulars: the neck border is Swedish Check from Barbara Walker's Vol. I. The rest of the sweater is in stockinette.

Beagles are low to the ground and the sweater will soon get very muddy. I may deeply regret that I used wool but hey, this is Wisconsin. It gets dang cold.

The software did not disappoint. It's easy to use, flexible, and cost about $100. As soon as I finish my Lucie sweater, I'm doing something with my stash of Black Water Abbey from http://www.abbeyyarns.com . Check out that Pink Heather - sublime, non? I must warn you that the hand is really burly, rugged, outdoorsy, perfect for romping over the moors.

As in suitable for a dog sweater. But the beagle can just forget it. My Black Water Abbey yarn is going to the more worthy cause of one of my daughters.


thomasina said...

love the knits hon! keep up the fabulosity

cleo said...

Three words: fab-u-lous.