Thursday, October 26, 2006

Now All I Need Is The Coat

I had an extra skein of an angora/silk blend, a pair of #3 dpns, and an afternoon. This is the end result. It's Lacecap from Knitty with the modification of yarn instead of perle cotton.

Knitting lace is my favorite. The rhythm of it, the intricacy without too much effort - it just never gets old. This one is fairly simple lace. If I knit another Lacecap, I'll add a couple of inches of brim to make it less skimpy for winter in the Big Woods of Wisconsin.

Which leads to the search for the Serious Winter Coat, something for January and February when it's 10 degrees to 20 below. I'm one to amortize my coat, meaning I spend big for something wonderful but boy howdy, it had better last 7 to 10 years.

For now I'm wearing the Not-So-Serious Winter Coat, good for temps down to 15 or so with a sweater underneath.

1 comment:

cleo said...

A fabulous hat. You should think about having a link to where you got the pattern. I think a Milly London coat would serve you best. It's fab.