Monday, November 13, 2006

How The Dress Came Together

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That hem? It's the temporary version. Ignore it.

My younger daughter has her first formal in early December. Every sewing pattern she liked was very Cinderella-y, full skirt, crinoline underneath. Sewing level: professional. Here's the prob: my actual sewing level is more like advanced minus.

What an adventure we had at the fabric store.

We took Tom with us. At first, things were fine. He pointed out to colors of fabrics he liked. Then he got antsy so I told him to just go sit by the pattern books. Somehow, it made him really, really antsy to sit by the pattern books. He kept saying to this woman and that woman "I don't know anything about women's clothing".

Cleo went back and forth about the dress and fabric she wanted. It turned out that the dress would not only be Cinderella-y but midnight satin with a contrasting ivory satin sash.

Hmmm, I thought. Maybe for prom but that's a 12 hp dress when a kid only needs a 6 hp dress, if you follow.

She finally ended up with McCall's 5001. It still has a full skirt but it's much less formal than her Cinderella-y dress. It's a simple dress so the brocade and the little tulle cloud of a stole around the shoulders make it special. The tulle is bronze. It glitters in the light.

Cleo cut out the dress and lining. We began sewing at 8:30 a.m. Sunday morning. Three hours later and we were about to attach the bones to the lining and the lining to the dress. Then the hem and the stole.

We broke for lunch. After, Cleo goes into the next room to once again admire the dress on the fitting mannequin.

"Mom!" she screams. "Something ... the dress!"

The other three of us rush in. A gash about 2" long in the side front of the dress.

We look at each other and say "Nala!" That's out semi-feral orange cat. She's a house cat but just not as domesticated as all the other cats I've ever known.

Thankfully, we had a scrap of leftover fabric that would do to replace the side front panel. We ripped out the old, put in the new and we were good to go again.

The dress came together easily and well. By 4 p.m. we were done, with the exception of the hem.

In knitting, I am still slogging away on the Lucie sweater. Front done, back done, 1 sleeve 3/4 done.

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