Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Pushing Myself A Little

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So I'm knitting Coronet from knitty.com in a brown New Zealand Aran-weight merino. And I'm finding the construction very fun: first, a band of cable, then you join the two ends with kitchener stitch, then pick up about 90 stitches around and it's stockinette from there on in. My first cable project and my first kitchener stitches!

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Looks pretty nice, n'est-ce pas?

You know how it is when you're knitting round and round and round. You start to think. And I started to think about next summer. I thought about how we could go on a week-long bike trip, 60-70 miles/day. How we could take the ferry to the Apostle Islands. How I could spend the winter getting in shape for this.

I'm turning 50 this coming July. A bike trip might be just the ticket.

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