Thursday, December 14, 2006

Call Them Spa Slippers, 'K?

File this under Never Say Never: knitting socks. I swore I never would. The reason? I never wear socks. And if I did, a wide choice of inexpensive, pretty socks is out there.

I've said to my kids and husband, "If I ever knit socks, shoot me dead, put me in nothing but a gold thong and leave me tailfeathers-up in the garden for the paparazzi to find".

A chilling mental picture, no? All erased by Cookie A.'s lacy socks at They make me wanna
a lot.

But like I'm going to start with those? Nope, I have an old Coats & Clark booklet called Learn How or something very similar to that. How old? Well, the socks pattern is called "Teen Socks" and the b/w photo shows the feet of a 1950's bobbysoxer in penny loafers. They're simple, basic socks with simple, basic instructions, including a reinforced heel.

So what if I didn't have #2 dpns? I have #3s! And so what if I'm using more of that hot pink tie-dye German sport-weight superwash yarn from my stash? Cookie A., honey, it's all your fault.

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