Wednesday, March 21, 2007

March Rain

I live in Wisconsin. Picture Narnia where it is always winter. Then one day it doesn't snow - it rains! The death grip of Winter has begun to loosen and thunder sends my beagle scuttling under the bed.

I tell my 14 year-old to take a photo of the beagle; it'll be cute! Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Busted! We haven't vacuumed under there in one full year. I know exactly because last spring break, my daughters and I redecorated that bedroom. I promise the parts of the house you can see at least look clean. Hey, no one's died of dysentary here... yet.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Look, no dust! Screw housework. I've been busy knitting. Yah-sure-you-betcha-hey, still pluggin' away on Lizard Ridge. Still lovin' it. But I'm also sneaking in a little side action on Kirsten Kapur's Tahoe cardigan. The yarn is Debbie Bliss Cathay (50% cotton, 35% microfiber, 15% silk) knit up mostly on size 9s. The result is drapey, grapey goodness. And look at how pretty that Koigu KPPPM is going to be for the trim.


imadethis said...

You're very brave to show that picture for the world to see. Mine is EXACTLY the same. I just don't have the kahunas to post it! I'm totally admiring you! I really love your Lizard Ridge. Anyway,knitting is so much better for the soul than housework.

Marti's Mom said...

I love that pic.. and, I think that is beagle hair and not dust, because I have two rescued beagles who deposit thier hair onto the dust bunnies. Makes my corners look like I never dust, and I actually do dust every week. Just blame the hairy beagle.

Bonne Marie said...

The way I look at it (housework) is that in this nasty cold climate of the Midwest, ANY and all dust bunnies are merely fabulous insulation that I did'nt have to pay for.

YAY freebies!

Ellen said...

Love the beagle and the dust elephants! I essentially gave up housekeeping when I got my dog. Too much fur, not enough time, too many other interesting things to do.

Like play with the dog and knit, for instance.

(I'm Ellen from Knit Sisters, by the way.