Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Now Sugar-Free!

The good news first: the manuscript for our book is ready to send to the publisher. We're waiting for a photograph and then off she goes!

Now the baddish news, although it really isn't tragic. My doctor says I should give up sugar, except for very occasional special treats. There is a strong correlation between heart disease and sugar intake. Not that I was a sugaraholic but I do love my Jelly Bellys. Who knew.

I have a feeling my shoe collection is going to get added to today.

To file under I Don't Think So: the GoRed for Heart campaign (to raise women's consciousness of heart disease) has what I consider a truly, truly lame getaway planned. Lameness #1: it's in Milwaukee. Lameness #2, and I quote:

Then...ladies, startyour engines by attending the Sunday, June 3, 2007 ABC Supply/A.J.Foyt 225 IndyCar Series race at The Milwaukee Mile. For the 50th time in history,the stars of the Indy 500 – including Wisconsin-born Danica Patrick and SarahFisher – will race at The Milwaukee Mile on the weekend immediately followingthe Indy 500. Sit in a specially designated Go Red For Women section, where ticketscost $39 (Upper Bleacher) or $19 (Lower Bleacher). The Milwaukee Mile will donate50% of the net proceeds from all sales in the Go Red For Women section to theAmerican Heart Association. Each Go Red For Women ticket purchase includesa Go Red car magnet and the opportunity to win various prize packages, includinga "Meet and Greet" with an IndyCar driver, presentation of the check to the AmericanHeart Association on race day, Pit & Paddock passes, a Pace Car/Hot Lap ride,and more.

Milwaukee and race cars? Um, yeah ... no.

In better news, the Tahoe Cardigan is done.
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Eh, it's okay. I don't love the wide sleeves and I changed the front placket to the picot trim on the sleeves. I thought they should match. Also, I didn't think the Koigu KPPPM was a good choice for a front placket with buttonholes on a rather heavy cotton/silk sweater. There's a lot of drapey stockinette in this here Tahoe Cardigan.

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