Monday, June 11, 2007

Shaped Lace

After the heavy cabled sweater, I wanted lace. I rummaged through my stash and found ...
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White Lies Joy (100% merino, DK weight), color: Shell Pink.

I had bought it for a second Cherry Bomb tank. As much as I love Cherry Bomb with its short-row bust shaping, that's a whole lot of stockinette. Nope, I wanted lace. Nothing to tire my eyes after 10 minutes of knitting but lace, nonetheless

The Shaped Lace Tee in Joan McGowan-Michael's sumptuous new Knitting Lingerie Style is just the ticket. The tee - square neck, cap sleeves - has a border of vine lace; the body is faggoting. It is close-fitting.
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This is the back with the waist shaping visible. To achieve the shaping, you knit even but switch from #7s to #5s.

So lovely. So soft. So pink.

The book has lovely lacey thing after lovely lacey thing. The day I knit a bra, though ...

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vtwopoint5 said...

That will be beautiful!