Sunday, July 29, 2007

Acrylic Holiday

My nephew and his wife are going to make me a great-aunt. Free associating the concept, I come up with: chin whiskers.

We're not talking about the whiskery kiss of a beagle.
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This is Suzy the Beagle in a sweater I knit her last fall. The purse would be for me, a lot like Queen Latifah's collages in her Book of Possibilities in the movie "Last Holiday".

The great-aunt I knew best was quite elderly in an era when old ladies were unabashedly old ladies. She wore silk dresses and stockings and those black lace-up shoes straight out of "Arsenic and Old Lace". Never married, she had worked for decades as a public health nurse in the South Carolina mountains. She had a cool dog and a cool sense of humor but coolest of all was her fabulous collection of children's books.

I hereby promise that only beagle kisses will be whiskery. I promise shelves of children's books at my house, homemade donuts, and the occasional kid-friendly knit.

How fun it is to surf the net for knitting ideas for baby! In a perfect world, cashmere and angora make a terrific baby garment. In the real world, babies spit up, meaning everyday baby wear has got to be superwash, cotton, or

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Okay, I know. In most situations, this is heinous yarn. I confess to having two skeins of vivid acrylic/acrilique/acrilico in my stash, originally purchased to make slipper socks for someone in the hospital.

The gauge over 4 inches is 18 stitches by 24 rows on #8's. Not a delicate gauge and not a delicate color palette. To me, this says pullover, crew neck, hood to jazz it up. I fiddled around and came up with a design for a 6-month old, which I'll post in the next couple of days.

I cast on this morning and have pretty much finished the back. As I knit, I started imagining where the baby would wear this sweater. Picnic by the lake, maybe?

Every idea sounded like the way Mattel names Barbie outfits. Picnic by the Lake. Happy Go Acrylic. All That Acrylic. Acrylic Holiday.

Really, the fabric on the right side looked more like a beagle sweater
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The wrong side of the fabric looks more like a baby sweater, don't you think?
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Here's a closeup:
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