Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Concours de Négligence

Hilton Head, Pebble Beach, Palo Alto, and probably others hold an annual motoring festival called the Concours d'Élégance. There, you and your flute of Tattinger can stroll among classic cars - not forgotten, not taken apart and abandoned in despair in some shed but taken apart, each tiny bit steam-cleaned, the whole put painstakingly together again and buffed to a high sheen of perfection.

Knitting blogs are largely a Concours d'Élégance of FO. But all of us have our soul-sucking junkers. After all, that's why the Slog-Along exists.

Welcome to my Knitting Bag of Despair. It's where good projects go to die.
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Let's take a peak.
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-some skeins of Stylecraft Pavlova
-Vogue Knitting Teen Knits
-a sweater front and most of a back
-two pairs knitting needles.
-one skein Sea Silk. What's that doing with this lot? Look at the Sea Silk glow next to the pink acrylic or whatever the bleep that is.

In fact, what is that fuzzy pink stuff?
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It apparently cost $7.99/skein. Just a little reminder of the Bad Old Days. There was a time when this kind of thing passed for luxe in yarn stores.

It wasn't that long ago. I started this "Pink Pullover" by Emily Westman in 2001. It's a blocky design with garter stitch trim at the hem, wrists, and neck. The front gets a star, probably silver bugle beads sewn on after. Back when I began it, my youngest daughter was in a figure skating club. The pink pullover was going to be something glamorous to wear to Sunday evening practice.

The neck shaping seemed unfathomable. Into the Knitting Bag of Despair the project went. Looking at the directions today, they seem perfectly clear.

Edited to add: What also seems perfectly clear, now that I've finished the front neckline and started a sleeve: the project needs to graduate to the circular file. The sweater shape is out of style and the yarn is fugly to work with. There is only so much time in this life.

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