Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Subject Is Lupines

We vacationed on Prince Edward Island this summer, just at the peak of the lupines. Hillsides and sloping meadows bursting with amethyst, lavender, mauve, and apple-blossom pink ...

Since, those lupine colors have somehow jumped into my knitting basket.

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This color is actually called Lupine. 640 yards of 2-ply Mongolian cashmere (Jade Sapphire). How long would it take you to wind this into a ball? It took me an hour, with a dining room chair serving as niddy noddy and our orange cat staring at the yarn the entire time. This is just the yarn for a Charmed Knits invisibility shawl.

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Lupine-y socks from Koigu in the Broadripple pattern. What I love: the lace pattern is super-ultra-mega easy to memorize and gives just the right ration of opened to closed for a sock. It goes without saying that the ripple effect of the pattern would show up much better in a self-striping yarn. What I don't love: next time, I'll add some ribbing around the tops to make the socks that much easier to get on and off.

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And this happens to be one of my favorite books. Miss Rumphius is a Johnny Appleseed who plants lupines, fulfilling in old age her parents' long-ago advice that she leave the world a more beautiful place. What better ambition could there be?

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