Monday, October 22, 2007

Empty Bowls

I'll have some knitting to show you tomorrow. For today, here's "Crocodile" Jack and Molly, the 8-week old beagles with a puppy toy:

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On Saturday, we went to an Empty Bowls lunch to raise money and awareness for local hunger. The event was held in a high school gym. Ten dollars got you a handmade ceramic bowl to take home (some made by artists, some by kids, etc.), a bowl of soup and a breadstick from one of about ten different restaurants, and live entertainment. It was a big success.

There was also a raffle. I think next year the cause might like to raffle a handknit lace wrap in, say, Sea Silk, don't you agree?

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Michael said...

ohhhhh, puppies. I love beagles, and if I were to get a dog (which I do hope to someday), they would be near the top of my list.