Monday, October 08, 2007

I Want to Felt You

"What color would you like whatever knitted thing I make?" I asked an expectant mom last week. She knows it's a boy.

Her eyes went down. She was a little embarrassed. "Blue. I guess that's a bit of a stereotype."

Not a problem! I'll give ya blue but with a twist.
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I used Dalegarn Falk because it's machine-washable. Machine-washable and babies go together. Now I regret that machine-washable choice. I'd love to felt this hat! It would be even cuter felted. Maybe more importantly, it'd be even smaller. The thing is going to fit a pre-schooler and still be big. I admit that I tried to felt the hat, even though I knew it wouldn't work.

And it didn't.

The pattern is Luggy Bonnet by Lucy MacKenzie and Kirsteen Mitcalfe in Weekend Knitting by Melanie Falick. For Harry Potter fans, a similar hat was made for the first movie, the scene where baby Harry is left at the doorstep of the Durnsleys. The day of filming was warm and so the baby did not wear the hat.

I'm iffy about this hat. Geez, I wish I could felt it.

Or did I already mention that?

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Maureen said...

Very cute little hat. I was surfing around looking for a knitted pattern of a beagle when I happened upon your site. I had to come check out another knitter with a beagle (or 2).

5 and a Beagle
canadianedelweiss .blogspot .com