Friday, October 26, 2007

I'm Down with Yak Down

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I've been eyeing brooklyntweed's Koolhaas hat and narrowing my eyes in thought. Who doesn't love that hat? But the reality of the fiddly cables isn't for me right now.

What I've been studying, what wrapes me in a shimmering cocoon of happiness is the fiber used for the Interweave Knits version: Shokay Pure Yak Down. My fingers have been itching for yak yarn.

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The yarn is Shokay, 100% yak down in Cranberry, heavy worsted/Aran weight, 164 yards. Apparently, shokay is Tibetan for "yak down". The company aims to "source fiber directly from Tibetan herders to enable them to earn a sustainable income".

Yarnzilla has Shokay at $32/ball. One ball is plenty for a hat. This was my first order from Yarnzilla and, with their selection, nice customer service and speedy mailing, I'm certain I'll be buying from them again.

I swear: this is an unsolicited testimonial gushing. I didn't get free yarn or a discount. No quid-pro-quo here.

The hat is Bobbi from Hip Knit Hats by Cathy Carron. It's a pillbox covered on the rise with bobbles, bobbles, and more bobbles. The yak yarn, so soft and warm, is absolutely made to showcase textured design.

I thought I had made the hat for myself. My mistake. I asked my oldest daughter to model it for you. She ended up asking if she could maybe have the hat?

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Raveller said...

Beautiful! I envy you your luxury yarns! Did you see XYKnits version of the Koohaas? He just observed the pictures of the hat on Brooklyn Tweed's page and knit it up himself without the pattern.

Of course, the original is somehow more attractive...Helena