Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Meet The Yarn-Head People

A friend's job recently sent him to Japan for a couple of months, where he spent some of his free time in Sega arcades.

Now he's back stateside and we got a biiiiig box from UPS. Inside, some of the Japanese Sega arcade booty: six Snoopy plushes of various sizes, two Japanese dolls, a Cheshire Cat mug, candy, cookies, and

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Yarn-Head People! Both Nala the cat and I find them strangely ... compelling. There's a family of glittery aliens in capes, a couple of pirates, a tiny witch on a broomstick, and a tiny vampire - every last one of 'em a keychain.

I told you: compelling, right? And in a strange way. Even from afar. This is why there is no closeup. The mojo is just too powerful for a closeup.

Let's refresh our palate with a FO. These came off the needles last night. They're husband socks, as modelled by a daughter (because they're part of a Christmas present).
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Regia superwash sock yarn, 75% wool, 25% polyamide. They're Part I of a multi-sock project, "The Well-Traveled Sock". Each pair will take its inspiration from last summer's vacation, a drive from Wisconsin to Prince Edward Island to New England to back home. This particular pair?
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Vive le Qu├ębec!

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Betty said...

Those yarn head people.....I have no words....I can't look away.....