Thursday, October 04, 2007

Tangerine Flora

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Flora, she is done. The pattern calls for three thinner yarns stranded together to give the scarf and flower body. I used only one strand of Fleece Artist's Peter Rabbit, knowing there was a really good chance the flower would nod over and bring the rest of the scarf with it.

That is not the case, I am happy to say.

In the whole shebang, there's maybe three hours of knitting and 100 yards of yarn. Add a 1" button for the center of the flower and three small, hidden buttons and you're done. The scarf is going to make a great birthday gift for my sister. She has a thing for Peter Rabbit yarn. Actually, probably anyone who's ever touched a strand has a thing for Peter Rabbit yarn.

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That's not just tangerine; that's tangerine concentrate. Nothing shy about it. You gotta love a color that isn't afraid to speak up.

The scarf was actually complete yesterday but I was busy giving a party for the high school girls' swim team. Every Wednesday in the season, the team has a pasta party. Now that my daughter is a senior, it was finally our turn to host. The menu is set by tradition: pasta, marinara sauce, alfredo sauce, lasagna, lots of garlic bread, lots of desserts. Our desserts were fruit pizza, chocolate bundt cake, 7-layer bars, fresh pineapple and grapes, and pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting.

Don't you wish you could still eat like that?

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