Friday, November 09, 2007

FO Friday

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Who can buy just one ball of Shokay pure yak down yarn? "Twilight" they call this color. It's more of a deep, rich "Midnight".
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This second photo captures the color and details a little better. The pattern is "Duncan" from Hip Knit Hats by Cathy Carron. The yarn shows off the texture of the horizontal pattern on the rise.

To date, I have knitted five different hats from Hip Knit Hats, three as gifts (like today's FO), two for me. The styles are modern, the directions clear as a bell, and the photographs realistic but inspirational (not so easy to do!).

Yesterday's mail brought
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I love the concept of a book of "beautiful accessories to knit". I love Louisa Harding's work. This book? I like it. I don't love it.

The good: The point-of-view is pretty and feminine. Almost everything can work for a wide range of ages and styles. I have been looking for angora-worthy patterns and there are at least two of them in this book.

I'm not a capelet/shoulderlet fan and there are two, although they are called "wraps". The full, glorious noon of the Capelet Moment is well over, although the capelet flatters only a few. All this said, I actually will make the "Belle" wrap for one of my daughters, it's that pretty and different.

The bad: Gloves, mittens, scarves, hats, purses, little wraps - all are accessories and this is a book of knitted accessories. A cardigan is not an accessory. I don't think a pillow is an accessory, either. And please: beauty comes in sizes other than 34" - 46".

The ugly: Is a tabard an accessory? A tabard walks the line between garment and accessory, probably. When it comes to flattering, the tabard in the book has both feet firmly planted in ugly. The thing has both horizontal stripes and a cable on the diagonal. There is no waist shaping - it's two squares sewn together. There's no photo of the backview with those stripes and that cable across the butt - probably the world isn't ready.

And in non-knitting news ... My husband and I did a presentation/reading of our book at the local public library early this week. We told each other we'd be content with a dozzen people showing up. Then the weather turned colder and we agreed that maybe eight would show. It was more like 50, so we were very happy. It just got better from there: several newspapers in the state carried a story about our presentation and book. This led to an invitation from Wisconsin Public Radio! We'll be on WPR with Glen Moberg and his "Route 51" program next Thursday. If you're in the listening area, tune in Thursday, November 15 at 5pm on 930 AM WLBL, 91.9 FM WLBL and 90.3 FM WHRM.


Betty said...

Congratulations on the presentation and the invitation!

Nice hat on a lovely model.

Helen said...

Thanks, Betty! :-)