Tuesday, November 13, 2007

What Would You Like for Christmas?

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The first few repeats of Juliet Scarf from Louisa Harding's Knitting Little Luxuries. The yarn is Fleece Artist Peter Rabbit (70% angora, 20% nylon, 10% wool) in Raspberry. I ordered the yarn from Little Knits and when it arrived, the color seemed so rip-snortingly vivid, in contrast to the yarn's cloud-soft hand. Really, the color is not even tart raspberry but plain old raspberry.

Is Qiviut, the famously expensive muskoxen yarn, even softer than angora? Yarn Market has laceweight qiviut in 12 shades, including Northern Winter (black), Rundra Rust, and Artic Blue Bird. $82.55 plus s/h buys you 218 yards, which would knit up a generous Juliet Scarf.

Rough hands might catch on that qiviut. Better slather them with L'Occitane en Provence's Shea Butter Handcream. $10 plus s/h gets you a 1-oz tube perfect for stashing in a corner of a knitting bag.

Little rings to mark off sections of a lace pattern would come in handy on the knitting of that qiviut scarf. Knitifacts has lots of pretty ones. A set of five little glass flowers and one ladybug on sterling rings is $18 plus s/h.

I keep my knitting notions in a desk from China with many little drawers. Each notion has its own separate drawer. The sharp little thread scissors are in the far right drawer at waist-height. Plastic needles with big eyes for sewing sweater seams are chest-high to the left. Straight knitting needles are in various drawers, arranged according to needle size and whether they are single or double points.

But I have yet to solve the problem of how to store circular needles.
The Organized Knitter has a solution: cases with 12 pockets, each pocket capable of holding more than one set of circular needles. The cases come in bright prints and cost $60 plus s/h each.

Another solution occurs to me: why not dump all those circs into a big bowl? My favorites are from Bennington Potters, say, ($39 plus s/h for a fruit bowl suitable for a small circs collection to $90 for a pasta bowl that could hold a more encyclopedia collection of circs. I have seen that pasta bowl in person and it is enormous.) and the Irish potter Nicholas Mosse who has bowls with handpainted animals in various sizes and prices.

That's my Christmas Wish List. What's yours?


Godmoma said...


you asked for my moebius shawlette a while back. Well, I finally have it downloadable! http://yayknitting.com :)

Let me know how it goes!


Stephanie said...

I have a friend who went to Greenland and brought back a bunch of musk ox yarn. Unfortunately it seems some of it "mysteriously disappeared" in Customs. She's making a pair of mittens out of it, and they are very warm and soft.