Friday, December 14, 2007

Dog Collars, Mascara, Nutella, That Cute Shirt, A Magazine, Bubblebath, Swiffers, A Christmas Table Cloth ...

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Target run! I have a short shopping list. It's exactly three items: two dog collars and mascara. Of course, everyone knows that's it's laughing in the face of every marketing tool and trick. Is it even possible to get out of Target without extra items? Go in for paper cups, come out with $60 worth of miscellaneous merchandise, right. Target is temptation - that's just an immutable Law of Shopping, particularly since they added that dollar section and particularly since I love to browse their Christmas wrapping paper.

At least Target doesn't carry quality yarn. That would be fatal.

Yesterday's mail brought a third skein of rrrrred Breton yarn from Patternworks. This allowed the finishing of a pair of Thuja socks.
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Like I say, the exact socks a Swedish elf would wear. If he had size 11 men's feet, that is.

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