Monday, December 31, 2007

A Lace Club Membership


Socks That Rock Lightweight, Mystic Kelp colorway, Fluted Fabric Stitch (A Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns by Barbara Walker, p. 23)

So yesterday was our 19th wedding anniversary. It was mid-morning and I was reading
ravelry. Someone had bumped up a thread about Make One Yarn Studio's Year-of-Lace Club. How I have thought about - yearned for! - this subscription club! "Every three months, a package containing luxury yarn and an original pattern by leading designers will arrive at your door."

It just makes you want to press the cooling back of your hands to your fevered cheeks, it's so enticing.

You have to pay up front, without seeing anything. The surprise is kind of the point. But $250 ... it's a lot of money.

There I was, reading the ravelry thread, desire like a rock inside me, and over my choking, beating heart, I said in a broken whisper, "I wish I could have this."

My husband in the next room heard me. That was not my intention. But he heard me, came in the room, and gave me the membership. Who was I to pretend a stiff dignity?

Yes, Tom is a wonderful man and if people misunderstand when I say I belong to a lace club, let 'em. ;-)

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Betty said...

Maybe Tom misunderstood the lace club? LOL.

Seriously, yay!