Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Winter Is Here

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You know that little doll on the Island of Misfit Toys? If you want to get a discussion going, ask people what landed her on the island. She was depressed but why?

Answer: There's only so much winter a doll can take!

We got another three inches of snow last night but I am not depressed. The sun shines during winter here (mostly). Besides, how can you be down when every hour or so, two little beagles ask to go out back. It takes a lot of work for little beagle legs to churn through the snow as they run, long ears flop flop flopping.

Here they are, apr├Ęs snowy romp...
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There are a few tricks to surviving a Wisconsin winter. First, you can't beat it, so join it. Take up iceskating or Nordic skiing or whatever winter sport. Second, dress for the weather, including the cutest coat you can find. People will be seeing a lot of that coat.

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A lot of warm socks help keep winter at bay, too. This is the second Thuja sock but on #2 dpns. With this, I'll have four pairs to give to Tom for Christmas - and still lots of sock yarn in my stash, thanks to retail therapy I indulged in when my late beagle Suzy was very sick this fall.

So here's the plan: I enroll Tom in my Sock-of-the-Month Club. Every month, I knit him another pair of socks. This gives him what he wants (colorful socks that fit him perfectly) and allows me to work through the stash (and order more when I run out!) as well as have a husband with really cute socks.

This is quite a turnaround for someone who didn't see the point of handknit socks. The line is holding firm at handknit dishcloths. Those are just wrong.

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bek said...

Love the line about the coat :) So true, unfortunately... And I just have to say, your dogs are adorable!