Friday, January 04, 2008


Yep, yet another knitter is making Kate Gilbert's Bird in Hand mittens. I cast on last night during the Iowa caucuses. While the television pundits commented - and over them, my husband Tom commented -I knit a garland of blue flowers on a grey background.

Tom grew up in Iowa. Geography was a big part of the school curriculum in his day. He knows all the Iowa counties and their capitols. He knows their general ethnic and religious makeup.

He told me about it all while I knit a bracelet of blue leaves.

Tom was making popcorn when the results came in. We listened to John Edwards' impassioned, articulate speech. When Edwards said, "We are better than this," Tom and I nodded. I put down my knitting and ate popcorn. We talked about Iowa and Barak Obama. I washed my hands and took up my knitting again to knit on.

It was a good night.

This morning, I realized I had been reading the knitting chart from right to left and the chart for the thumb from right to left. It doesn't really matter, as long as I do the same for the other mitten. I also intentionally left out the braided rows. I didn't understand the directions for them and didn't care enough to ponder them.

I was too busy having fun.

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teabird said...

I hope we are better than this -- I knitted during the caucuses too. I turned the heel and picked up stitches on a grey tigerpaw sock. Between us, I think we added more to the world than all of the millions spent for last night's results!

(Love the mittens)