Thursday, January 03, 2008

In Runes

"On a bit of bone from Norway, a love-smitten young man inscribed 'Kysmik' - kiss me."- Elsebeth Lavold, Viking Patterns for Knitting

And so Elsebeth Lavold designed a men's vest with the runes Kysmik cabled right across the chest. I like the basic idea. What if I were to rune-ize my husband's name, Tom, instead? Or maybe just his initials would look better. Or a message like Vote!

Enter the internet. Click me and see what your name in Viking runes would look like.

In her book, Elsebeth Lavold provides cable charts for the letters T, B, L, I, and R, as well as for the message, Kysmik. I didn't find anyone doing other cabled runes, but did find
charted runes, apparently the Saxon variety. Whether there is a difference between Viking runes and Saxon ones, I have no idea.

Is a vest with runes just too Middle Earth, especially if the man is also wearing handknit socks? If you're thinking, What was your first clue?, just keep an open mind. Look what Knitting and Chocolate did with runes!

If that doesn't evoke the prow of a Viking dragon ship bobbing over the foamy waves, the sailors burly, stripped to the waist, biceps and six-pack abs oiled, all wearing metal cuffs with mystical symbols and horned helmets, I don't know what does.

I forgot. Those Vikings were a peaceful lot. It says so right here.

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chocolatetrudi said...

Lol! I never knew the delightful imagery those humble mittens and hat would evoke! (Oiled?!)

From what I recall, some of the tree rune graffiti in Maes Howe on Orkney said something like "such-n-such chick is really hot". Not in those words, of course. But that was the gist. Just goes to show some things never change.