Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Oy, Wolf Blitzer and last night's orchestrated "conversation" - a.k.a. South Carolina Democratic "debate" - with its television moments galore.

How did the smackdown fest between Senators Clinton and Obama play with you?

The little triangles of edging are my knitting from the debate. This edging was a challenge to figure out. I had never knit an edging onto a shawl before. After reading and re-reading the directions and several false starts, I now see how truly simple the concept is.

The edging is the entire reason I chose to make the Domovoi Shawl. I'm in training for the Year of Lace Club. Before the first arrival of Project #1 in March, I will have knit at least one edging.

Snow fell and fell yesterday afternoon. My older daughter rummaged in her bead stash and made me a large handful of stitch markers to add to my ugly but functional plastic ones. She, too, is helping me get ready for the Year of Lace Project #1.

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