Thursday, January 17, 2008


This photo was taken this morning. TeamBeagle is recovering well after their spay and neuter two days ago. Yes, this is really the way they sleep.

No knitting I can show you will be nearly as cute as that photo. The entire premise of this blog is that my knitting will be constantly upstaged by two beagles.

Listen, in my beaglecentric world, a beagle photo upstages almost everything. I'll show you the first yard (a.k.a. the first half) of the Domovoi Shawl anyway.


Maureen said...

Have I said this before? I think I have... they are a d o r a b l e!!

And not to disregard the knitting content... the shawl is looking lovely too!

vtwopoint5 said...

I'm happy to hear they are recovering nicely :) That picture shows how great it is that you kept the two of them together.