Thursday, January 24, 2008

Wild Things

Greetings on a 14 below day from me and my two wild beagles. They have been cooped up quite a bit lately, due first to their neuter and spay operations and then to a bitter cold snap. We'll all be glad when it warms up to a tropical 15 above. That's the minimum temperature for a walk.

The cold gives me plenty of knitting time. I'm on the homestretch of the Domovoi Shawl.

I keep thinking of Maurice Sendak's Where The Wild Things Are. It's the zigzag edging that's doing it. It looks a lot like Max's hands and feet.

You can knit Max's crown for your favorite wild thing. Scroll down until you find it. That's a must-knit, if you ask me.

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Ellen said...

Helen, your dogs are so adorable! How old are they?

(This is Ellen from Knitsisters...)