Friday, February 08, 2008

Finished Object Friday

Bird-in-Hand Mittens, worsted from the stash, #4 dpns. I cast on for the first mitten during the first Democratic presidential debate, the one with the youtube questions. It was only the next day that I realized I had worked the hand chart from left to right and the thumb from right to left. Since the mitten looked good anyway, I continued working in that cockeyed way.

The only real difference is the placement of the birds, one on each thumb. In the original pattern, they are little surprises on the underside. Mine are on the top of the thumb, the beaks and feet embroidered in blue.

I'm happy with the way the mittens turned out. The pattern is very cute and the two colors work together. Tomorrow is Tom's 65th birthday. Our custom is to open birthday presents in the evening, after cake. I'll give him these mittens in the morning, though. He'll have something jaunty to wear to walk the beagles.

Here's a Molly and Jack photo to round out the week. They are being helpful little beagles, supervising the making of scrambled eggs.


teabird said...

The mittens came out wonderful! I'm envious that you could knit something so intricate during candidates' debates. I had to stick to very, very simple projects (and blunt needles...)

Petey said...

your beagles are too cute- i am amazed that they are sitting there so patiently. (mine would have been scratching at the counter).