Friday, March 07, 2008

Knitting Knirvana

How about a beagle to get things going today? This is Jack.

I hit Target yesterday for some Dingo bones, a bare necessity when beagle puppies are cooped up by f-f-f-freezing weather. It being Target, there's no way to leave without spending at least $60 on stuff you forgot you needed. Like this Anthropologie knockoff:
$14.99 at Target and great for holding my new knitting project, the cami and shawl about which I rhapsodized in yesterday's blog entry.

The cami's hem is done in an interesting way.
You do a provisional cast-on, knit 1", purl a row on the right side, knit another inch, then knit one stitch from the cast-on row together with a live stitch from the needle. It makes for a neat finish.

After an evening or so of knitting, I'm half-way up the back of the cami and as happy as can be with this project.

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Natalie said...

I bought the same bag at Target and I'm using it for my knitting too! Great minds. Your pup is fantastic, by the way.