Thursday, March 06, 2008

A Love Letter to Jillian Moreno

Dear Jillian Moreno,

You know that I-gotta-have-it-or-I'll-die-just-die? Many moons have waxed and waned since I've felt that way.

And then I saw your designs for

a ruched tank and ruched shawl.

I studied those two pieces. A lot. They were all I could think of, I tell you.

The neckline? Not too high and not too low. Perfect.
The shoulder straps? Wide enough to hide bra straps. Just right.
The shawl? The rectangular stole shape and lace pattern's vertical lines avoid the Jemima Puddleduck factor, as first identified by the Mason Dixon knitting bloggers,

For those of us old enough to remember waiting for the next Beatles' album to come out, le look Puddleduck is a terrible thing.

Jilliam Moreno thought about that. Her shawl's length is long enough to really wrap. There's no way it can cup a pit-pat-widdle-waddle rear. The horizontal patterns on the shawl turn vertical when you put it on, drawing the eye up and elongating the wearer. Genius.

There is just one teensy problem. Buy 22 skeins of Classic Elite Classic Silk (50% cotton, 50% silk), plus one more of Classic Elite Premier (50% pima cotton, 50% tencel) and we're talking investment dressing. It costs almost $200 to make the ensemble.

I scraped it together. You do that for a love jones.


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