Monday, March 31, 2008

Year of Lace: Phoenix Rising

The mail brought something very special on Friday. Photobucket

It's the first kit of the Year of Lace club and wow is it gorgeous. The yarn is Claudia's Handpaints Silk Lace (100% silk) in the exclusive Year of Lace colorway they're calling "hot brick orange". It's basically a vivid paprika. I know I wouldn't have chosen this color on my own but it is absolutely lovely. Going beyond your comfort zone is one of the reasons to belong to a knitting club, after all.

Sivia Harding developed the color for her design, "Phoenix Rising".
This dramatic gossamer shawl ... grows from a few cast on stitches at the top into a triangle shape with a centre panel, which features a flame-like design with textured, elongated diamonds. Textured diamonds with wrapped tips emerge from the diagonals that wave down the body, and the shawl finishes with a beaded garter stitch eyelet border.

Tomorrow I'll show you my progress.

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