Monday, April 28, 2008

Calloo Callay Oh Happy Day!

Even though we woke up to Photobucket, and even though I'm typing to a loud reverberation of hammers, it couldn't be a better day.

The floor guys started today. Within the last 26 minutes, they have ripped out the living room carpet and have started taking up the plywood that was under that. Within the next few days, we'll have a new hickory floor in there.

This spring, we're doing a lot of deferred maintenance - and when I say "we", I mean we pay for it and someone else far more skilled does it right. We've had a painter in to spruce up a few rooms. Later this spring, we're putting in a 4-foot wooden fence in part of the garden.

Speaking of skill and getting things right, there are a few little mistakes in my Phoenix Rising Shawl. It sure is pretty, though. This is the center motif.Photobucket

I'm ending the last repeat of the body pattern and ready to head in to the edging. Picture me knitting lace to the bang, bang, bang of the flooring men's hammers.


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Elysbeth said...

Good luck with the Rising Phoenix. I hope your floors are just as you wanted, we're doing floors in 2009. 2007 was the roof, garage doors, hot water heater....sigh.