Friday, June 06, 2008

Not. Happy. Jan.

There I was, in the endodontist's chair, novocained up, the dental dam in place, endodontist drilling away, me thinking Disneyland thoughts.

In fact, I was at the part of my 2004 visit to Disneyland when my daughters and I had a makeover and shopping spree at Sephora.

And then I FREAKED. My one and only full-blown anxiety attack. See, I have a gag reflex from Hell but I needed to get this tooth done. I wanted it. I was so happy that I could get the procedure done today. I yearned for root canal, it was that bad. No more suffering.

Uh, nope. The gag reflex from Hell kicked in. With the extra fun of the dental dam, I wigged out.

When the dust settled, the endodontist did an emergency procedure to tide me over until I can come in all drugged up, first thing in the morning. That will be in a week and I'll be under the influence of Triazolam. I had better be good and zonked for this or it ain't gonna happen. It was the scariest medical thing that ever happened to me, a lot scarier than being awake during a c-section. Totally out of control.

Cleansing breath in. Dental anxiety out. And on to knitting!

Currently, I have knitting d├ęcor in my bedroom. Photobucket I can't get over how pretty the Phoenix Rising shawl turned out. The next kit from Year of Lace will arrive sometime this month. I'm very much looking forward to the surprise and the fun of that.

On the needles? Photobucket Some Seasilkliciousness beginning to become a scarf in the Spider Stitch from Barbara Walker's second stitch dictionary.

An even more interesting yarn is Habu Textiles' Cotton Gima. Photobucket I bought it from kpixie - nice customer service and super fast shipping, by the way. At first, it's like knitting rafia or a very thin paper strip. Quickly, the yarn softens and becomes more like linen. In stockinette, it has a lot of stretch.

It's going to be a Gisela Cardigan. The ad copy talks about wanting to camouflage upper arms. Although I probably should be worried about that, it's not my main attraction to the sweater. I like the Issey Miyake-meets-Eileen Fisher simplicity and wearability. The fact that I get to knit with a newfangled yarn is frosting on the cupcake.

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