Thursday, June 26, 2008

Peony Yarn

I'm blaming it on this peony. Someone out there has to be dyeing worsted this color, I told myself.

And so they are, kind of. After some searching and a long pondering of Classic Elite's mohair in Crepe Myrtle, I settled on two yarns, not so coincidentally at a good discount at Little Knits.

The much closer match is Brown Sheep Co.'s 100% wool Lanaloft in Orchid. Photobucket.

More nuanced but also much more toward purple - I hadn't completely dismissed that Crepe Myrtle, evidently - is Photobucket Mmmmmalabrigo worsted in Hollyhock.

I love them both and have enough yardage for a sweater in each but the search for peony worsted continues!

So much for the knitting content. As for the beagle content ...

1 comment:

Betty said...

I'm developing a desire to have some peonies in my yard. What a pretty color!

Jack's expression is cute :) That's a lovely picture of your daughter.