Sunday, July 20, 2008

I Am Not A Sweater Knitter ... for now

I got guage on those clanky #13 metal needles, I swear! Yet my cardigan is too friggin' big in the shoulders by a lot.

Too big by a little, I could see that. It's the way things tend to fit in the shoulders. But even if I slid in the largest shoulder pads from the '80s, this cardigan would still be droopy, not to mention really unattractive.

It makes me want to mainline Jelly Bellys, it's so frustrating.

I may downsize the wretched thing à la Bonnie Marie Burns. Right now, I had better put down the scissors and walk. away. Grumperina's post on sweater abstinence seems safer.


What has madeth me lie down by still waters and restorethed my knitting mojo?

Lovely Hamsa in Fleece Maiden Sea Silk, Rose colorway, two repeats instead of three.


teabird said...

The Hamsa! I'm ordering the pattern, too - yours is the first I've seen in progress, and it is beautiful indeed.

teabird / ravelry

Betty said...

Beautiful yarn, beautiful pattern, and beautiful knitting!

Helen said...

Your kind words are appreciated, teabird and betty! Thank you so much.