Sunday, July 27, 2008

Winter Hat Finished, Sunflowers Gettin' There

When my two daughters were little, we planted a sunflower house together. We watered and waited.

And waited.

And waited.

And ... no sunflowers came up.

Now, many summers later and for the first time, we have a garden full of sunflower volunteers, all from seeds we put out for the birds. There are sunflowers in the tomato plants, sunflowers in the green peppers, and sunflowers in a bald patch by the screened porch that could really use some sunflowers. See them behind Thomasina?

She is wearing her new winter hat. It's Bobbi from Cathy Carron's Hip Knit Hats. I think this is the third Bobbi I've made, it's that nice of a pattern. The yarn is Dream in Color Classy in Gothic Rose. It's a raisin-y color but with much more depth and some subtle variegation.

See all the bobbles that give the hat its name? A bobble is not difficult at all; in fact, it's fun. You simply k into a st 6 times, ending up with a cluster of sts on the rh needle. One by one, starting with the outmost st of the cluster, you pull the st over all the others et voilĂ ! Much more complete directions are in the book.

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Betty said...

What a neat idea - the sunflower house! The hat and daughter are beautiful. Jack is such a big boy.