Monday, August 25, 2008

A Hermione Hat

The very brilliant Jackie Lauseng noticed a cute knit hat on Hermione in a production still from the Harry Potter film in production. She studied the hat and succeeded in reproducing it in pattern form for knitters. Here's the Hermione hat I just made for my 16 year-old Potterhead:

I love it! I love it's three-inch ribbed brim, the eyelets, the cables, the color. Thank you, Jackie! You can see the still and get the pattern for free at Jackie's blog.

And now for a sad, sad picture ...Photobucket
We came home from taking our older daughter to college in Ohio and found this devastation. Jack the beagle was not on garden patrol since he was staying at a kennel while we were away. Here's Jack on duty:Photobucket

Who done it? Had to be squirrels. Who else would maul sunflowers this way? Photobucket

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