Monday, September 15, 2008

Cascading Leaves

A surprise package from the talented and fabulous Simple Knits arrived the other day. While Nala the scary orange kitty tore into the adorable handmade cat toys, I tore into the Jelly Bellys in ice cream flavors, the lavender soap, the measuring tape, the knitting journal, the calendar (chocolate and so evil!), a pair of lace-knitting circs, the two scrumptious skeins of Mmmmmmmmalabrigo lace yarn in Hollyhock, and -best of all - the shawl pattern designed by none other than Vicki herself!

I'm talking about her Cascading Leaves Shawl. That very evening, I cast on. And into my bag it went for a weekend trip to Door County.

Three words to describe the weekend: rain and excellent eats. The Door County tourist board's promotion is called Door County: Kingdom So Delicious!, a dorky slogan if ever there was one. (It's the title of a late-'60's National Geographic article, apparently.) From a cherry-filled puff pastry called cherry basket to cherry wine to Swedish meatballs to apples straight from the orchard we joyfully lurched, snacking our way across the countryside.

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teabird said...

That is going to be one beautiful shawl. What a colour!