Monday, September 01, 2008

Dog Days

Only a fool argues with a skunk, a mule, mohair yarn, or the weather and have mercy is it hot here today.

This will be a great evening to sit inside and watch whatever the Republicans decide to do about their convention. Ever since the Iowa primary, my husband and I have been watching a lot of MSNBC's coverage of presidential politics. It is rare that we miss Keith Olbermann and most nights we also manage to catch Chris Matthews. With the fabulous Rachel Maddow getting her own show on MSNBC, we'll be logging even more time each weeknight.

If I'm gonna sit, I'm gonna knit. Here's what I knit last week sitting through coverage of the Democratic Convention: Photobucket
Plain vanilla mittens in Dream in Color Classy, Gothic Rose. How about a better look at the color? Photobucket It reminds me of Vamp, Chanel's famous nail color, an indescribable rouge-noir-chocolat.

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