Friday, October 24, 2008

On and off the Needles

I always have at least two active knitting projects going at any given time. Right now I have three. The first is a mindless round and round and round pair of socks in self-patterning yarn. I snatch it up when I sit down for nightly political tv-watching, knit without even looking at it, and pretty soon I have another pair of socks.

The other projects require more concentration. I work on them when I have uninterrupted time. One is lace.Photobucket

This is about 10 repeats of the very fun Cascading Leaves Shawl by Vicki Mikulak. The yarn is Mmmmalabrigo Lace in Hollyhock. I'm hoping to wear it late next week but I'm thinking yeah, probably too optimistic.

And now for what was going on below the shawl while I took the photo ...Photobucket

The other project is cables. Photobucket This is one pattern repeat into the Skye Tweed Vest by Kathy Zimmerman in Black Water Abbey wool, toasty brown with green flecks. I asked Tom what he would like for our 20th wedding anniversary. "I'd like you to knit me a v-neck vest," he said, no hesitation at all. Good answer! After I got an okay on the pattern from Tom, I showed him the loveliness that is the Black Water Abbey color card. I would have bet good money he'd have chosen blue but nope, brown it was.

Not everything is a work-in-progress. Here's Tom wearing his new Swedish double capPhotobucket


Now all we need is snow. There'll be an inch accumulation north of here tonight, I hear.

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Betty said...

The Hollyhock is such a pretty color! And Jack is such a handsome guy :)