Sunday, January 18, 2009

Industrial-Strength Floral Lace Anklets

When I saw this color in a grab bag of Opal sock yarn from Little Knits, I set it aside for my sister. She knows what colors look great on her and this is one of them. So skein by skein, as I knit away at that grab bag, I always pushed aside the burnt orange yarn for socks for Edie. The question was: what pattern would suit the yarn? It's a superwash but a more like fingering weight than like typical sock yarn. To me, that heaviness screams for the balance of a lace pattern.

What about Monkey?, I asked myself. I always wanted to try that pattern but never had any sock yarn on hand that was monochromatic enough to show off the pattern. I cast on with #2s, got half-way down through with one, then frogged it: too heavy, too bulky, too big.

Take 2 with the burnt orange yarn looks like this:
If you click on the photo, you can see the pattern bigger. Floral Lace Anklets by Evelyn A. Clark in Lace Style, #1 dpns and that heavy-ish sock yarn. I like the result. And even though my sister lives in California, maybe she can still use these toasty socks to watch tv in.

The lace is mind-numblingly easy. It repeats over eight rounds, five of which are k1 p1. This time last year, I would have preferred the book's verbal directions. Thanks to a year of knitting a fair amount of lace, I now like charts a lot better. If the verbal directions really got under my skin, I could easily make a chart here. Pretty slick and its creator, Inna Zakharevich, is generously letting the world use it for free.

Do you like Jack's groovy eyes?

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