Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Science of Socks - Science Project 3

Ahhh, the knitting knirvana that is the next installment of a sock club. January 2009's package from the tasteful folks at Knit Purl arrived very close to the beginning of the month. Want to see the goodies?

You've got your yarn, your pattern, and your treat (a fun sock greeting card), all in a delphinium-blue organza bag tied up with ribbon. Everyone always says - and I'm no exception - that getting yarn in the mail is like getting a present. The Knit Purl Sock Club people have taken the idea to its logical conclusion in the kit's presentation. I have been in a knitting club that put all the money into the yarn and the pattern, no presentation frills. Of the two approaches, I like Knit Purl's a lot more and I don't mind paying a little extra for the fun.

A different site or aspect of the Portland, Oregon area inspires each sock kit. This time, it's the Cascades
a volcanic mountain range, extending from central Oregon into British Columbia. The peaks of Mt. Hood. Mt. Rainer, and Mt. Saint Helens are visible from the city of Portland, creating a picturesque horizon throughout the year. The Cascade Locks, located outside Mt. Hood, are a series of waterfalls and canals that were built during the 1870s to make the Columbia more navigable. - Knit Purl Sock Club blurb

Yarn or pattern first?

Yarn it is. This is "The Cascades" hand-dyed by Lavender Sheep. We have 380 yards of superwash merino, baby. The blue of the water and sky, the green of the trees, the gray of the stern granite, the purple of the mountain heather - it's all here.

The pattern is Cascade Locks by Sarah Worthington. It has cable upon cable swirling down the leg and foot from a twisted-rib cuff. It's written for two sets of circs. As a dévotée of dpns, I will probably just knit the dang socks on dpns because you don't fix what ain't broke and who needs to reinvent the wheel. For those who are more openminded than me, it would be a chance to try a new technique. My jury's still out whether I'll use this yarn with this pattern. You can click on any of the photos to enlarge.

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Walden said...

The yarn looks lovely. The pattern looks nice, but I might agree with you on using a different yarn for the pattern, but I don't tend to like cable unless they are in a solid color.