Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Irish Tradition and Swedish Couture

The thermometer read 14 below last night. That's when you throw another log on the fire, snuggle up with your beagle, and take up the knitting needles.

An entire evening of knitting and the cabled baby cardi Trellis came off the needles and got itself some seams and buttons. And not one minute too soon, either. It's for my grandnephew Will's first birthday in North Carolina this Saturday. The yarn is Rowan's All-Season Cotton (which is actually 40% poly, making the sweater much lighter than an actual 100% cotton garment). The color is a juicy Tangerine and the buttons are braided leather. You can supersize any of the photos with a click.

To say that I love the way this sweater turned out is an understatement. It is adorable. I hope little Will's mom and dad enjoy dressing him in it.

Early this morning, I turned my attention to my new Bohus Stickning kit. This is a very particular type of Swedish knitting, requiring small needles and delicate yarns specially spun and dyed for the project. Bohus is often called "poems of color". Judge for yourself if that is an apt description.


Maureen said...

-14 ... now that's cold! The sweater is beautiful - a very lucky little boy. Hope the weather starts to warm up soon.

Knitting-twitter said...

what a beautiful jacket, congratulations from Switzerland..
ciao ciao Christa