Friday, May 29, 2009

Cascading Leaves Cardigan

Pattern: Cascading Leaves Cardigan by Tonia Barry
Yarn: Classic Elite Classic Silk (a cotton/silk blend) from the stash

Now, I knit socks and I knit lace but this cardigan blew Tom out of the water. He could. not. get over that I made it.

It does look lovely on the sewing mannequin, which is a buffer version of moi. The sweater required a little tailoring: the shoulders needed to lose a little over 2" on each side and probably would benefit from a pair of light shoulder pads. I'm also thinking of taking in the side seams just a touch.

The leaf detail was easy peasy lemon squeezy and spiced up the stockinette both in the knitting and in the end result.

There's a lot to love about this cardigan but the best of all is the sleeve detail.
It's unexpected and so pretty.

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