Friday, July 24, 2009

Sideways Grande Hat

Laura Irwin's book, Boutique Knits has two standout hat patterns, both 1920's-inspired cloches. A cloche is an insanely romantic shape. Put one on, turn up the collar of your coat, and suddenly you're Clara Bow.

Not feeling the 1920's yet? Visit the Madeleine Vionnet: Puriste de la Mode retrospective at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris, then see what you think. Two floors of perfection await you, Safe for Work

"Why don't movie stars wear gowns like these to the Oscars?" my daughter asked. We were standing in awe before one of the beaded numbers. That is an answer with many parts, of course, the main premise being that Vionnet's 60- and 70- year-old gowns look red-carpet ready today.

Same goes for this little 1920's knit cloche. It looks as funky fresh today as it did 75 years ago. The yarn is Misti Aplaca Chunky 100% baby
alpaca, light as a cloud, in a deep plum,
2 skeins. Sometimes part of the fun is where and how you picked up the yarn. In this case, the Los Altos, CA store Full Thread Ahead was closing out its bricks-and-mortar to run an internet-based store. 50% off all stock, bay-bee. Looks like there's a nice sale going, only quality stuff.

The Sideways Grande cloche is knit flat on four (!) sizes of needles: 10, 9, 8, and 7. If, based on the chunky yarn and the big needles, you're guessing fast knit, you're guessing right! You could cast on and finish off this one in a two-movie evening. (Thanks to Thomasina for posing in the rain, hence the drops on her front.)

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