Monday, August 17, 2009

Hermione's Hat and Mittens

When Charmed Knits: Projects for Fans of Harry Potter by Alison Hansel found its way onto my bookshelf two years ago, my younger daughter studied it closely.

"Here, Mom," she said, handing back the book.

There were little ragged pieces of paper sticking out of the top, here and there. "You marked stuff?" I asked.

She nodded gravely. To a Potterhead such as herself, this book is full of dreamy items to wear.

Did I hurry to my needles to cast on for any one of her chosen items - the House Scarf, Hermione's Cable and Bobble Hat and Mittens, the House Sweater?

To my shame, I did not, at least not right away. I waited until three weeks ago when I bought some Nashua Ivy (50% alpaca, 45% merino, 5% Estellina which is sparkle). The moment I saw that yarn, Hermione's Cable and Bobble Hat and Mittens came to mind. The original from "The Prisoner of Azkaban" is in red. How would the design look in the winter white with gold sparkle in stock?

Let's find out. You can click on any of the photos in this post to make them larger.

I lengthened the mittens. There cable and bobble pattern is a little woozy and odd, as you would expect from a Harry Potter costume. The longer length on the mittens adds to the fun. The glint of gold when the wearer moves her head add to the fun, too. I love it.

Happy Birthday to my Hermione!


Maureen said...

Lovely mitts and toque!!
Belated Happy Birthday to your daughter...we just had a sweet 16 in our household two weeks ago.

Fred n' Jack's mom said...

I am so glad that I found your blog. The Hermione's hat and mittens came out beautifully! I also have the Charmed Knits book, and am working on a pair of Hermione's mittens. I am wondering if you came across an issue in the cable pattern when going from row 24 to 25? the pattern says to repeat from row 8, and I have torn out and re-knit 3x now, and can't figure out what I am doing wrong? Just wondered if you had the same issue or if I am just befuddled? I have successfully completed the left mitten, but that was in July, and I can't recall if I had the same issue with that one or not.

Any feedback would help. Thanks for your time.

Fred n' Jack's mom

Helen said...

Yes! I did the same thing, Fred n' Jack's mom! Here's the solution:
Rnds 1 -17 rib
Rnds 18-24 starting w/ row 1 of cable chart, k rows 1-7 of cable chart
Rnd 25: k row 8 of cable chart but also begin thumb gusset, as described in Rnd 25 of the directions, p. 138.

Did I answer the question? Hope it helps.

Fred n' Jack's mom said...

Yes!Yes! Thank you. I just re-knit from the mb row, and went to 24 and was going to go back to row 1 and incorporate the increases for the thumb gusset, but I think your proven solution will work better than another round of trial and error. I hate ripping out esp. with the cable stitches, but I am not confident enough that my idea will work, so I will go back to round 17 and start again.

Thanks for your help Helen.