Thursday, August 27, 2009

"It" Knit

Yesterday was quite a day.

Tom mowed over a wasp nest (at first we thought six stings but it's "only" four). Our younger daughter had Project Welcome responsibilities as student body pres. Various guys in various stages of bidding on work called and came by. Then, of course, there was the news of Sen. Edward Kennedy's death.

Yesterday required a new and easy knitting project.

Enter Ishbel. A yarn store owner in Urbana, Illinois put the idea in my head when she sold me a skein a Mmmmmalabrigo Sock. Ishbel a fun knit, she said. So fun that a friend of hers had taken over the knitting of her Ishbel for himself.

Fun? Takes only one skein? I'm in!

No encylopedic knowledge of knitting patterns here but when she said "Ishbel", I knew that one. Just now, Ishbel is a pattern of viral popularity, an It pattern.

So, yesterday afternoon, with Tom on the couch, a baking soda poltice on the wasp stings and Benedryl singing through his bloodstream, I cast on for Ishbel. What you see in the photo above is a couple of hours knitting between watching MSNBC's hommage to Sen. Kennedy and his brothers, getting dinner on the table, and answering the phone. Fun knit? Yes. It's simple stockinette and some yarnovers so far. The yarn is beautiful.

Knitting knirvana - achieved!

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teabird said...

I'm glad you started something beautiful while watching the programs about Teddy Kennedy - creating something eases the pain a bit, yes?