Sunday, August 09, 2009

Ruh Roh

The Crime:
Last winter, these were pristine Swedish Fish mittens from
's design.

The Perp:
Jack. Look how care does not furrow his beagle brow! According to this, dogs don't know from guilt.
Like human toddlers, dogs also show some basic emotions, such as happiness, anger and disgust. But more complex emotions, such as guilt, are not in a dog's toolbox. (What humans once thought was guilt was found to be doggy fear, Coren noted.)

The Know-How and Materials:
I had filed the pattern away. Since there was so much leftover yarn, I kept it all. Whew!

From there, it became simply a matter of undoing the damage, finding the place in the pattern, and reknitting. Start to finish, including looking for the pattern and yarn: 1 hour.

WIP: Work in Progress
Yes, those are size 0 needles, curse them. Metal ones would be better for this job. They wouldn't continually threaten to snap in two. The tiny gauge (10 stitches = 1") is part of what makes these mittens so adorable.

All Better!

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